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iMilk401 S&G

iMilk401 Sheep & Goats is the new, compact control panel designed for the farmer that wants milk yield indication and reliable automatic cluster remover. 
It ensures a fast and gentle milking avoiding over-milking risk.

The display shows, in real time, production data and early alarm notification.

iMilk401 S&G assures an advanced control of Pulsation, stimulation and washing per milking point. The system is very versatile and ideal for sheep and goats.

iMilk401 S&G is also available with Dairy Management Software and allows Manual or Automatic identification.


• Advanced milk yield indicator
• Advanced Pulsation, stimulation and ACR control
• Centralized washing control
• Ideal for sheep and goats
• Conductivity alarm
Manual or Automatic ID
• Available with dairy managment


Milking Machine – Milking Systems - Milking Equipment - 5699001 -IMILK401 S&G (PANEL + SENSOR) - Козы и овцы - iMilk401 S&G 5699001 IMILK401 S&G (PANEL + SENSOR)
Milking Machine – Milking Systems - Milking Equipment - 5699003 -IMILK401 NET - Козы и овцы - iMilk401 S&G 5699003 IMILK401 NET
Milking Machine – Milking Systems - Milking Equipment - 5699004 -PER PLACE ID FOR IMILK401 - Козы и овцы - iMilk401 S&G 5699004 PER PLACE ID FOR IMILK401
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